Brief Product Information

When choosing cabinets there are a lot of choices to make; choosing  styles,  colors, wood species, to countertop selections.  Here is a little information that will make this process a little easier…

We offer four different types of door styles including: raised panel, flat panel, flat panel applied trim, and last but not least slab doors (there is no door stile with these, they are just a flat piece of wood with square edges).

Our woods vary in price and they are listed in order from least expensive to most expensive.  Oak, Maple, Painted, Hickory, Alder, Cherry, and Mahogany * Other woods may be used upon customer request.

You may paint your cabinets or have the wood stained to the color that you desire.  We have a wide variety of samples available in our showroom for viewing along with a variety of paint color choices.

Choosing a countertop can be one of the toughest choices that you will make, because of the virtually endless color options.  There are four different types of countertops that we offer including laminate, solid surface, granite, and quartz.  Below is a chart of these types of countertops with answers to the most common questions about their individual qualities and durability ratings.

Laminate Solid Surface Granite Quartz
Stain Resistant Yes Yes No Yes
Heat Resistant No No Yes Yes
Chip Resistant Yes Yes No No
Scratch Resistant No No Yes Yes
Visible Seams Yes No Yes Yes