The Learning Center

The objective for the learning center is to educate you as much as possible, in order to insure that when it's decision making time you are more knowledgable and confident than before.  Please be patient though, the Learning Center is still under development.  With that said, links on this page or pages that are linked from this page may not be fully functional until the whole project is complete.  We are so excited with the project we couldn't wait to start publishing its content as it's developed.  We will be publishing new content as soon as it's available, be sure to keep returning so you don't miss the latest additions.  Below is an example list of topics covered in the learning center.  Currently the only available pages are Wood Species and Construction Methods pages, just click Wood Species, or Construction Methods.  

  1. Construction Methods
  2. Wood Species
  3. Finish Types
  4. Door Styles
  5. Drawer Construction
  6. Extra Options
  7. Hardware Options
  8. Counter Tops